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Balsamic Vinegar
Cucumber vinegar
The Paper Place, Scottsdale

Nicolas Vahé Vinegars

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Vinegar bottles

Although these two vinegars are different in flavor, they have one thing in common: how delicious they are.

We all know and love the basic balsamic vinegar, a perfect pairing with the Nicolas Vahé olive oil and some nice bread. This Italian and aromatic vinegar has a thick consistency and a sweet taste. Balsamic is also perfect as a salad dressing. The vinegar comes in a beautiful glass flask which will be decorative along with your oils and favorite spices from Nicolas Vahé.

Not so well-known is this cucumber vinegar. Perfect for pickling, this adds a fresh summer lightness to your pickled vegetables. Or try using it with some olive oil to create a delicious cucumber salad dressing.